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LASER Discussion Papers

This lists contains by default the latest 10 papers in descending order. You can display all papers by clicking on "Show all papers". You can also search for specific terms or authors. Your search will include all available papers.



102September 2017Estimating labor supply in self-employment: pitfalls and resolutionsLechmann, Daniel S. J.
101May 2017To track or not to track?Abraham, Martin
Grimm, Veronika
Lorek, Kerstin
Möslein, Kathrin
Niessen, Cornelia
Schnabel, Claus
Wrede, Matthias
100January 2017Targeted Wage Support for Older Unemployed Workers: An Evaluation Combining Survey and Register Data from a Randomized Controlled Field Experimentvan den Berg, Gerard
Homrighausen, Pia
Stephan, Gesine
99August 2016Of carrots and sticks: The effect of workfare announcements on the job search behaviour and reservation wage of welfare recipientsHohmeyer, Katrin
Wolff, Joachim
98July 2016The bright and dark sides of leaders’ Dark Triad traits: Effects on subordinates’ career success and well-beingVolmer, Judith
Koch, Iris Katharina
Göritz, Anja S.
97June 2016Bounding the causal effect of unemployment on mental health - nonparametric evidence from four countries.Cygan-Rehm, Kamila
Kühnle, Daniel
Oberfichtner, Michael
96May 2016The dynamics of solo self-employment: persistence and transition to employershipLechmann, Daniel S. J.
Wunder, Christoph
95March 2016Job search behavior of older workers and labor market outcomesHomrighausen, Dr. Pia
Krug, Dr. Gerhard
94February 2016Is it perceived as fair when craft unions exploit bottleneck positions? A quasi-experimental studyPfeifer, Christian
Stephan, Gesine
Dütsch, Matthias
Struck, Olaf
93February 2016Wer würde unter welchen Umständen für Tarifkommissionen kandidieren? Ergebnisse einer VignettenstudieBuschmann, Benjamin
Gärtner, Debora
Grimm, Veronika
Osiander, Christopher
Stephan, Gesine